God Bless YouTube.

Just a few links to some YouTube videos that never cease to get me giggling. Every now and then you just need to laugh at someone or something… preferably at their expense. Check back frequently as I plan to update this as often as my roommates send me ridiculous videos.

(Here’s a hint… She doesn’t love lasagna.)

(Drink it, y’asshole.)

(The only way to make this song bearable)

(Sadly they dated this guys YouTube account… there were over 100 of these gems, including “My Heart Will Go On”… Oh Yeah.)

(I know we’ve all seen it, but there’s a reason.)

(It’s not so much that this will make you laugh as give you nightmares. Consider yourself warned.)

(Oh no… OH NO… You don’t have to watch all 8 minutes to figure out this is NOT the best way to declare your love for someone. Ohhh noooooo….)


One response to “God Bless YouTube.

  1. Nice addition…
    I really should get back to doing stuff on YouTube… my rants are always so much better “in person”.

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